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Corona Virus Outbreak

**Update Monday July 12th 2021**

Please be aware that although the government will be looking to ease restrictions in the coming weeks, this will not change the procedures we are currently employing at Cottage Dental Practice. We are governed by the Chief Dental Officer and must update our policies following their guidance.


If you are registered at Cottage Dental Practice and feel you are due for your visit but have not made an appointment, please could you contact us 01270 765771 at your earliest opportunity and we will do our best to book you as soon as we are able. Please note we are still unable to work at full capacity so there may be a wait.

As always, can we thank you for your patience and we hope it won’t be too long before we can return to our normal working pattern.


**Update Monday January 4th 2021**

Our interpretation of ‘seeking medical assistance’ means that Cottage Dental Practice will remain open and if patients still want to see us then we are here to provide uncompromised, safe care.

All patients who have a prebooked appointment will be seen and if you feel able to attend please do. Any registered patients needing advice or treatment will be triaged and offered treatment, if necessary, as quickly as we are able. We are still currently working through contacting all those patients who have yet to be seen since March 2020 but please be assured we will get to you. Many thanks again for your patience and support.


Covid 19 update 2nd November 2020

We wanted to update all our patients on how we are working, given the constraints of the covid 19 pandemic and the new lock down restrictions of November 5th.
The practice is open and seeing patients. The November lockdown will not be altering our work pattern. We shall be continuing to provide care as we have since June.

Thank you for the support that so many of you have shown us through this difficult time. It has been heartening to have received your good wishes. We are open and treating patients. We are able to provide un-compromised clinical care although we do face logistic difficulties. Since our reopening in June we have had to alter how we work given that our absolute priority is patient and staff safety. We are limiting patient numbers in the building, protocols have been set up to control social distancing and we are using the recommended PPE. Although we are able to carry out all clinical procedures without compromise, we must stress that our new operating procedures have reduced the number of patients that we can see. Our former normal routine cannot resume at the practice until the Covid alert level drops to one or two. In following the recommended guidelines the number of patients that we can see has been reduced by approximately 50%. This is for your and our safety. We are triaging all patients who contact us so that limited surgery space is being appointed appropriately to prioritise need. We want to look after you in the manner that you are accustomed to but we have to ask that you may need to accept that more routine, less urgent maintenance may need to be postponed.

To reassure you we are, day by day, dealing with any of our patients suffering with pain or acute problems. Our Cottage Plan patients have been supporting us financially through the period of lockdown and they are being given preferential time slots when making appointments. We are working longer hours to try and create extra space in the appointment book but until the covid emergency crisis level drops we must follow the operating procedures that will protect our patients and staff. We are aware that these are worrying times for everyone, and despite the very high standards of cross infection control, PPE and social distancing that we are using we understand that you may wish to postpone your care with us until more secure times, particularly if you belong to a high risk group.

Thank you again for your patience and loyal support .

Yours sincerely,

David Barclay, James Willetts, Amelia Wong, Michelle Hazell, James Stafford.



David Barclay, Dentist

Meet the Team

David Barclay
David BarclayDentist


Amelia Wong Dentist
Amelia WongDentist


Mr Jamie Willetts BChD (Leeds) Msc Endodontology
Jamie WillettsDentist


James Stafford
James StaffordImplantologist


Michelle Hazell
Michelle HazellPractice Manager


Verity Rathbone
Verity RathboneHygienist


Jocelyn Eagland
Jocelyn EaglandHygienist


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