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Root Treatments

Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment is a way of keeping a tooth, once the nerve has become irreversibly damaged.

The living part of the tooth is a mixture of nerve fibres and tiny blood vessels that can become  inflamed (causing toothache) or die off (causing an abscess). This can happen either in the presence of tooth decay or after a heavy blow to the tooth.

The aim of the procedure is to painlessly remove the damaged pulp, under local anaesthetic, and remove any infection that may be present. Once the canals have been cleaned and shaped they are filled with a special filling material. This work is usually carried in one extended visit or over two visits if there is an established infection present.  Once the root canal filling is in place, the crown of the tooth is restored with a large filling or cast restoration. 

Root canal fillings are a very successful and predictable  treatments, with success rates well over 90% for many teeth.  Some cases do fail, most commonly when teeth are either very broken down or have an unusually complex root structure. Failure can also occur when the root canals are infected with bacteria that are resistant to the anti-bacterial medicaments available.

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