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Dental Implants in Cheshire

Cottage Dental in Sandbach are experts in dental implants while ensuring a modern and comfortable environment

Dr Sandy Limerick - Cottage Dental

BSc Hons, BDS Hons, MFDS (RCS Eng), DPDS, Dip ImpDent (RCS Eng), MSc (ImpDent URJC)

Practice Principal & Implant Surgeon

Why dental implants?

Say goodbye to failing teeth and hello to a confident smile.

Retain your smile - Cottage Dental

Retain your smile

Speak and eat naturally - Cottage Dental

Speak and eat naturally

Feel comfortable - Cottage Dental

Feel comfortable

If you’re faced with the loss of a tooth or a full arch of teeth, it can be devastating. We take our teeth for granted, and we often don’t realise how important they are until they’re gone.

In the past, losing teeth could mean your only option would be to wear dentures, but thankfully not anymore. Dental Implants have revolutionised the world of dental prosthetics, allowing you to replace one or all of your teeth and secure them using implants. 

The full range of dental  implant solutions by Sandy at Cottage Dental.

Sandy has over 20 years of experience spanning a wide range of implant dentistry including digital smile design, single or multiple implants, full mouth rehabilitation, and bone and soft tissue grafting.

Sandy offers a range of solutions tailored to specific patient needs, from replacing a single tooth to using multiple implants to provide patients with a new set of teeth.

Sandy also has a special interest in helping patients that already have dental implants requiring repair, replacement or maintenance. 

Every patient Sandy welcomes is given an honest and realistic summary of their situation and provided expertly and carefully considered options that are suitable for their individual needs.


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The Implant procedure at Cottage Dental

What to expect from treatment with Sandy

You'll start your implant journey in consultation with Dr Sandy Limerick.

Sandy is an award-winning Dental Implant Surgeon with over 20 years of experience. Sandy's philosophy is to deliver care in a relaxing and happy environment, where her patients have their long-term dental health needs met and achieve happy, healthy smiles.

At the start, Sandy will examine your mouth, and take dental x-rays, clinical photographs, and an intra-oral digital scan of your teeth to assess your suitability and options for implant treatment. Sandy will also discuss the potential costs and payment plans available to you.


Sandy will arrange a dental cone beam computerised tomography (CT) scan, usually referred to as a CBCT scan. This is a quick and painless assessment. The scan creates 3D images of your jaws and teeth. It does this using X-rays and information on a computer. The CBCT image is used to assess your bone and to plan your implant placement in the correct position.


Sandy will then create a bespoke treatment plan and review this plan with you. Once you’re happy to proceed, we’ll book you in for your treatment.

During your treatment, Sandy will remove any teeth that need to come out before placing your implants. Our carefully selected dental technicians will create a temporary set of teeth as needed. 

A few months later, our technicians will have crafted a beautiful implant restoration that Sandy will fit once Sandy is happy that your implants have healed to your bone correctly.

Sandy takes pride in ensuring your long-term implant health maintenance and schedules regular review examinations and hygiene appointments with her and our expert hygiene therapy team to help you maintain a lasting smile.

The Implant procedure at Cottage Dental

Available treatments

Single tooth

Replacing a missing or failing tooth with a single-tooth implant could be the best solution for you and can have significant benefits over alternative options.

Multiple teeth

If you are missing a number of adjacent teeth they may either be replaced with individual implants (one for each missing tooth), or by joining two or more implants together. This latter option can make implant treatment more affordable when patients are missing a number of adjacent teeth.

Full Arch

Full Arch Implant treatment allows the replacement of the full arch of teeth using between four and six titanium implants. These are skillfully placed so the implants provide stability for a fixed bridge of 8-12 teeth to give you back your smile.

Denture stabilisation

An implant-retained denture is an ideal solution to correct problems with loose dentures. It is a type of denture that is supported by and attached to implants and greatly improves the retention of your denture.

Bone Grafting

A dental bone graft is a procedure used to bring back the

bone in a part of the jaw where it has been lost so that implants can be placed to restore your smile.

Soft Tissue Grafting

A gum graft increases the width of thick resistant gum and protects your new implant to help improve appearance and ensure the implant and surrounding bone are protected in the long term.

Transparent pricing for everyone

We appreciate that advanced dental treatment could be a significant investment. To help, we can offer 0% finance at Cottage Dental to help you spread the cost.


Enjoy a lasting smile paid for in as little as 12 months. Whether you require a single tooth implant or comprehensive full mouth dental implants, we provide varied options for differing financial needs.

Unlock your dreams with 0% finance over 12 months

We're excited to introduce our 0% finance that brings you one step closer to achieving your goals without the burden of high-interest rates. We can offer 0% finance over 12 months and make your aspirations come true, hassle-free!

Why choose 0% finance over 12 months?

✓ No interest, no worries: With our 0% finance you won't have to worry about interest piling up on your loan. This means your monthly payments will go directly towards paying off your principal amount, making it easier to manage your finances.

✓ Budget-friendly: Spread your payments over an entire year, allowing you to incorporate the loan into your monthly budget without causing financial strain. It's a fantastic way to access the funds you need without disrupting your financial stability.

✓ Fast and easy application: Our streamlined application process ensures you get the funds you need quickly, so you can start pursuing your dreams right away. Say goodbye to lengthy paperwork and hello to convenience!

Price per month
Guided bone regeneration
Sedation available
Number of implants
Teeth in half a day double arch
Included if needed
Minimum of 6
Teeth in half a day single arch
Included if needed
Minimum of 4
Single implant
Included if needed
Minimum of 3

A word of caution: Responsible borrowing matters

While the allure of 0% finance over 12 months is undoubtedly enticing, we want to emphasise the importance of responsible borrowing. 

At Cottage Dental, we're committed to helping you achieve your goals while promoting responsible financial decisions. Our 0% Finance over 12 months is designed to give you a helping hand without the burden of high-interest rates. Contact us today to learn more about this exciting opportunity and embark on your journey to success!

Disclaimer: Cottage Dental 0% finance is subject to approval and may vary based on individual creditworthiness. Borrowers are advised to review all terms and conditions before making a decision. Cottage Dental is not responsible for any financial decisions made by individuals based on this offer.

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Speak to one of our expert team about Dental Implants.

What are dental implants?

A dental implant is a small titanium fixture that acts like an artificial tooth root. When the implant is placed into the jaw, the bone surrounding it grows onto the surface of the implant as it heals. This process takes several months to complete, but once healed, the implant is considered to be ‘integrated’, and the bond between the implant and the bone is strong enough for the artificial tooth to be fixed to the implant.


A dental implant comes in two parts, the first is the artificial root - a threaded, titanium screw, which has a roughened surface to promote a strong union between its surface and the bone of the jaw.

 The second part attaches to the dental implant root and protrudes through the gum. This is called an abutment and is usually made of titanium or cobalt chrome metal. It is screwed onto the implant fixture and is used to either cement, screw, or clip your dental implant crown, bridge, or denture in place.

At Cottage Dental, we use a range of implant systems, each with a proven track record in the implantology field. if you want to know more about the implant system Sandy chooses to use then please ask at your consultation visit.

How Does a Dental Implant Work?

The implant stands alone and does not rely on healthy adjacent teeth being ground down for a fixed dental bridge: nor does it have to link to the neighbouring teeth. The dental implant is most often placed when the bone and gums have healed following dental extraction, but where feasible can be placed at an earlier stage.

When inserted into an accurately created hole in the jawbone a strong union forms between the titanium and the patient’s native bone. This healing process begins around two weeks following implant insertion and continues to increase in strength until around 8-12 weeks when the implant can then be restored with a crown, bridge, or denture, giving you back a confident smile, comfortable fit and the ability to speak and eat naturally.

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Diverse Dental Services at Cottage Dental

At the heart of our practice is the desire to provide our patients with the highest standards of dental care, understand their needs, exceed expectations, and create and maintain healthy, happy smiles.

Referring dentist?

Please get in touch if you are a colleague and wish to refer patients to Sandy for an implant consultation and placement.

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