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Dental Price List

Our rates are competitive and we are committed to providing the very best in dental treatment for affordable prices. Should you have any concerns about financing necessary dental treatment, please talk to a member of our team. We have several options to help you get the smile you deserve.

- Cottage Dental Membership -

Become a member today

Our Membership Plans can help you spread the cost of your general dental care by letting you pay in manageable monthly payments.

 10% discount on many treatments 

 Free Worldwide dental emergency assistance 

 Dependent children under the age of 11 are included free 

Our Prices to Fee Guide

New Patient Exam


Dental Exam


Kids Dental Exam (0-18y)



from £75.00


from £125.00

Child Fillings

from £55.00

Radiographs (X-rays)

from £15.00 

Root Fillings (Endodontics)

from £450.00

Root Filling with Dr Hinton

from £600.00


from £750.00


from £750.00


from £750.00

Teeth Whitening

from £400

Dental Implants with Dr Limerick

from £2,700.00

Facial Aesthetics

from £180

Emergency Dental Care 


At Cottage Dental, we understand that dental emergencies can arise unexpectedly, and we strive to provide prompt and efficient care to all our patients. To ensure clarity and transparency regarding our emergency dental care services, please see the prices below.

Membership plan



Membership plan

out of hours emergency


Private (pay as you go) emeregency


Private (pay as you go)

out of hours emeregency


New patient



New patient

out of hours emergency


Emergency dental care policy

  • The emergency appointment fee covers the initial assessment and booking.

  • For subsequent remedial treatment following the emergency appointment, additional charges may apply. For example, if a patient requires remedial treatment such as addressing a lost filling:

    • The initial emergency appointment fee is applicable.

    • Remedial treatment cost of the filling are in addition to the emergency appointment fee, dependning on the nature and complexity of the treatment required.


Emergency care eligibility

Emergency dental care is available to all of our Membership patients.


Emergency care is avaiable for Private (pay as you go) patients who have attended our practice within the last 24 months. 

Membership plan patients are also eligible to request assistance from the Worldwide Dental Emergency Assistance Scheme,

New patients are welcome to our practice. However, for new patients requiring emergency dental care, the new patient exam fee is included in the emergency appointment fee.


We believe in providing transparent and accessible dental care to all our patients. If you have any questions regarding our emergency dental care policy or would like to schedule an appointment, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Comprehensive Dental Care

Cottage Dental has cared for the community of Sandbach for over four decades. At the heart of our clinic is the desire to provide our patients with the highest standards of dental care, understand their needs, exceed expectations, and create and maintain healthy, happy smiles.

Transparent Pricing for Exceptional Dental Care

We appreciate that advanced dental treatment could be a significant investment. To help, we can offer 0% finance at Cottage Dental to help you spread the cost.


Enjoy a lasting smile paid for in as little as 12 months. Whether you require a single tooth implant or comprehensive full mouth dental implants, we provide varied options for differing financial needs.

Unlock your dreams with 0% finance over 12 months

We're excited to introduce our 0% finance that brings you one step closer to achieving your goals without the burden of high-interest rates. We can offer 0% finance over 12 months and make your aspirations come true, hassle-free!

Why choose 0% finance over 12 months?

✓ No interest, no worries: With our 0% finance you won't have to worry about interest piling up on your loan. This means your monthly payments will go directly towards paying off your principal amount, making it easier to manage your finances.

✓ Budget-friendly: Spread your payments over an entire year, allowing you to incorporate the loan into your monthly budget without causing financial strain. It's a fantastic way to access the funds you need without disrupting your financial stability.

✓ Fast and easy application: Our streamlined application process ensures you get the funds you need quickly, so you can start pursuing your dreams right away. Say goodbye to lengthy paperwork and hello to convenience!

A word of caution: Responsible borrowing matters

While the allure of 0% finance over 12 months is undoubtedly enticing, we want to emphasise the importance of responsible borrowing. 

At Cottage Dental, we're committed to helping you achieve your goals while promoting responsible financial decisions. Our 0% Finance over 12 months is designed to give you a helping hand without the burden of high-interest rates. Contact us today to learn more about this exciting opportunity and embark on your journey to success!

Disclaimer: Cottage Dental 0% finance is subject to approval and may vary based on individual creditworthiness. Borrowers are advised to review all terms and conditions before making a decision. Cottage Dental is not responsible for any financial decisions made by individuals based on this offer.

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